Welcome to Wheelwright Group, Inc.

Welcome to Wheelwright Group, Inc.

Founded in 1961 by railway contractor John Wheelwright, Wheelwright Group is a full service construction company built on a foundation of family, teamwork and quality.  

The company operates all over the world serving the construction industry with design/build general contracting and custom engineered construction. Niches include building industrial, heavy engineering and “out of the box” (or unconventional) type facilities. Wheelwright is a partner to businesses who are seeking help to build more environmentally friendly, or green, facilities.

Given the competitive environment of the construction industry, Wheelwright is uniquely positioned with a focus on service, accountability and turn key operations. Word of mouth and repeat customers make up 90 percent of Wheelwright’s project base.

Wheelwright has built in locations such as Canadian Northwest Territories, CFS Alert, Alaska, India, Florida and the Bahamas.

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